SIVONIC's EIS-Meters are electrochemical impedance spectrometers and can cover a very wide range of impedances, currents and voltages.

Devices are available for very small electrical impedances in the microohm [µΩ] and milliohm [mΩ] as required for the investigation of modern battery cells and fuel cells.

Furthermore, there are devices for very high test object voltages up to 1,000 V. These are used for the investigation of DUTs with high voltages such as fuel cell stacks, electrolyser stacks and battery packs.

Calibration equipment

SIVONIC's calibration equipment, which is configured according to customer requirements, enables optimally matched measurement results through individual calibration of the installation setup.

As a supplement to the EIS-Meter, highest accuracies and reproducible measurement results can thus be achieved because the entire measurement system is adjusted to the individual conditions of the measurement environment. The tuning can itself be aligned to the DUT geometries.